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Give today to protect our marine ecosystems!

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We are fundraising to positively impact disadvantaged youth and our oceans!

Marine Education Initiative was founded in 2007 using six fishing rods, five hundred dollars, and a desire to make a difference by a 15 year old despite many obstacles. For 13+ years, this organization has run successfully and grown due to the hard work of a few, and the larger generosity of many who realize the potential of our programs.

The purpose of Marine Education Initiative is to motivate and empower the younger generation to get more involved in marine conservation to help protect their local marine ecosystems. One of our core programs is focused on empowering individuals to become responsible anglers through hands-on programs centered on fishing in a more sustainable manner to foster widespread community engagement and change. We are always planning and implementing new programs in various locations with the long-term goals of connecting with others to offer a collaborative approach towards solving the issues facing our oceans and freshwater ecosystems. If you have any doubts in supporting our efforts please reach out, check out our social media pages, or ask around about us! We are tackling some of the toughest issues facing our marine habitats while doing so in a coordinated and collective way with the direct involvement of the youth!

We welcome other organizations, companies, foundations, schools, and individuals to reach out who wish to get involved, support financially, or combine forces. Join the initiative by giving today!

Give Via Check

Please make checks payable to "Marine Education Initiative" and mail to:

Marine Education Initiative

604 Banyan Trail #810102

Boca Raton, FL 33481

Give Via Wire Transfer

Please email us at to let us know about any incoming donation via wire transfer.

Bank: Bank of America

Account Name: Marine Education Initiative, Inc.

Account Number: 466002551418

Routing Number: 011000138