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Educate the Next Generation and Fight Food Insecurity

Conservation through Education

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Marine Education Initiative's purpose is to educate and empower the next generation to take action in their local communities to protect and preserve marine and freshwater ecosystems while fighting food insecurity in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

Our Responsible Angling Education Program is focused on empowering disadvantaged youth to become responsible anglers through hands-on programs centered on fishing in a more sustainable manner to foster widespread community engagement and change. The students are taught about marine conservation, the perils of overfishing, invasive species, and ocean pollution. Each program emphasizes local fishing rules and regulations, fishing safety tips, and special tips on how to fish more sustainably. We are equipping our students with important knowledge related to marine science and conservation not often taught in the traditional educational system while also immersing them in the environment by getting them outdoors through the sport of fishing. Through this program, we have educated over 2,600 students in South Florida and the Caribbean.

In 2021, we launched our Aquaponics Food Security and Education Program in Boca Raton, FL to fight food insecurity and educate the next generation on sustainable agriculture. Every week we harvest fresh leafy greens and microgreens and deliver them to our community partners. We are providing over 600 meals every week. Thus, far we have been able to provide over 30,000 meals. Our Aquaponics Center also serves as an educational mechanism to educate local youth about sustainable agriculture. The students are able to experience and interact first-hand with a microcosm of a natural aquatic environment. By teaching the students that visit our center the power and usefulness of sustainable agriculture, we hope to create more resilient communities by empowering these students to eventually create aquaponics systems in their own neighborhoods. Thus, in turn, would enable communities struggling with food security to become more self-sufficient and rely less on immediate food aid.

Join us today in educating the next generation and fighting food insecurity!

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